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Q. Is it possible to buy individual presets?

A. Yes, you can buy existing / released presets for €20 each, or sets of 4 presets for €50. Custom presets are €30

Q. Could you please tell me which guitar / pickup position you used in your sample clips?

A. Go to the support page and download the guitar charts (pdf). Or watch the video sample clips where you can see the guitars / pickups I used for each individual part.

Q. A new FW is out, are you going to update the packs?

A. I try to update to the latest fw whenever I have some time off from touring. Depending on the latest fw, it might or it might not have an impact on existing presets. If the new fw is a major release, I'll update all presets. If it doesn't, then I'll wait for the next major update. In any case, whenever I update presets, customers can claim their updated packs for free.

Q. I have a real amp I'd still like to use...

A. All my presets use 1 or 2 amp sims AND the fxl block on a parallel split just before the amp sims. That way I can send the fx chain to both the axe amp sims and to a real amp. In larger venues I still use the amp, in smaller venues I don't. This setup allows me to choose freely without the need to make any adjustments on the presets / axe setup. If I want the amp, I plug out2 L into the amp, if I don't want it, I just send out 1 to foh.

Q. If I choose a backing track with vocals, is it Bono's?

A. There are no lead vocals on backing tracks. There might be some of my backing vocals here and there

Q. What FW was used to produce the packs?

A. I made these presets over the past 3 years, probably starting around fw 17 or 18, and I generally update / tweak them update them for latest current fw. As of January 2020 I'm planning to update all older packs to latest fw (Ares 2.0 on AF2, Q10.01 on AX8) and suspend the updates on legacy products.

Q. Presets are not working / loading. Why?

A. Presets are always saved with the latest current fw (beta or official). If you run an older fw, it might not recognize the presets. From now on I'll always store a backup for each future fw.

Q. Did you use a real amp in the preset packs sample clips?

A. No. All you hear is the Axe-Fx 3 / Axe-Fx 2 / Ax8 straight into Logic X without any additional post production.

Q. Some presets exceed CPU limit, is that normal?

A. Presets don't exceed CPU limits in a live scenario. However, if you run Axe Edit, or if you use your Axe Fx as main audio interface, some complex presets might exceed CPU limits when usb cable is connected. If you really need to keep your axe connected to a computer, the easiest / quickest fix is to switch the cab blocks to normal res. That will compensate for the extra cpu load coming from the usb connection.

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