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My name is Edo Faiella, I'm a musician from Naples, Italy. 

I've always been into music, any genre really, and into guitar, which has been my loyal partner since 1992. 
I started playing
piano at 7, then at 12 I discovered rock and got into drums and electric guitar.


At 19 I decided to focus on guitar and attended and got a degree in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA ('03), where I won 2 Guitar Department Awards, and I received a BAS scholarship.

In Boston I had a few bands, such as Orbiting Riley and Dynamo Hum, the latter one toured as supporting act for Colombian artist Juanes.

After graduation I went back to Italy where I started a U2 tribute band called Poptarts. A year later I moved to London where I started my first solo project with my original music which turned into an electro-rock trio, Kitsch, with me on guitar, vocals, synths and programming. We've released two digital records, Let the Show Begin and Where Our Worlds Collide, available on all major digital retailers. With Kitsch, we spent a year in Berlin and 2 more years in London before moving back to Italy.


In 2010 I joined Achtung Babies, the official U2 tribute band in Italy, partner with Universal Music and much appreciated by the very Irish quartet. The band has been around since 1993, and in the past 27 years has played more than 2000 shows worldwide. Besides playing the role of The Edge on guitar, piano and backing vocals, in Achtung Babies I'm also in charge for producing the sequences and video content we use in our show.


Besides Achtung Babies and Poptarts, I'm involved in a few more local tribute bands, such as Radiohead tribute The Tourists and Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute Funk My Kiss

In the past couple years I've also been the guitarist (live and studio) in the band of Italian up and coming artist Claudia Megrè, and I've worked with Italian artist Peppino di Capri, as guitarist for a tour in Brasil and in his last couple records, and as 40 piece orchestra director for a tour in Italy.


In 2017 I launched edosounds, making my U2 (and non) presets for Fractal Audio processors commercially available. By popular demand, edosounds also provides video tutorials and backing tracks / sequences.

Currently I've been enjoying the power of social networks, posting a daily 1 minute mini tutorial on Instagram and Facebook, and uploading videos - whether tutorials, preset samples, gear demo / reviews or just straight performance - on YouTube fairly regularly.

If you want to support, follow me on Instagram and Facebook @edofaiellamusic and subscribe to my YouTube channel, thank you!

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