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My name is Edo Faiella, I’ve been playing guitar in U2 tribute bands since 2000, with Poptarts (www.u2poptarts.com) and Achtung Babies (www.achtungbabies.it).

After several years using a 14U rig with lots of different fx and a 2 amp setup, in 2013 I switched to the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx 2 and have been using an Axe-Fx 2 only ever since.


These preset packs are the result of 100’s of hours I spent studying U2 and the Edge’s guitar tone over the years. From pictures and video clips to interviews and articles, I gathered as much information as I possibly could in order to be as much accurate as possible.


I own most of the gear the Edge has used in the past 3 decades to craft his signature sounds, and since I got the Axe Fx 2 I spent quite some time (and I still do today) comparing the Axe-Fx models with the original pieces of gear they’re based on – from amps to stompboxes to rack processors. 


The packs are based on different U2 tours. Each tour has a different core tone with different amp settings, different mic’s and mic placements, different fx and parameters.

So even if a song appears in more than one pack, the preset will be different as the patches have different settings and the song arrangement / sounds might change from tour to tour.


All presets are made using scenes: each song uses 1 preset and up to 7 scenes for different patches within the song.

Every pack uses up to 4 amps/cabs per preset (using X/Y). In packs before final Ares 1.03 update, each cab block is panned like in the official recordings they're based on (for example, Vox1 is panned to the left). If you plan on using the presets live, you should probably center-pan them for a better result.

In Ares 1.03 updated packs, all cabs are panned center (except a few exceptions based on studio versions).

All packs use stock IR's, don't be afraid to experiment with different 3rd party IR's with different mic placements! Or, for an improved and more accurate experience, you can check out edosounds' Cab Pack, which is a collection of IR's I captured with my amps (AC30HW2X and Edge Signature Tweed Deluxe) using the correct mic's in specific placements based on each tour.


All presets can be used direct to FOH (using output 1, stereo), into real amp (output 2 L, no amp/cab sim), or both (that’s how I used to use them live for a short period before going 100% AF2).


Note: the “shimmer“ is on a parallel path and only goes to output 1.

All expression pedal fx (wah, whammy, shimmer etc) use Ext1.



Axe-Fx 2 presets are made on an Axe-Fx2 MK2. If you have a different AF2 model (XL or XL+), you need FracTool to convert the files for your processor.


As of January 2020, I will start updating all existing packs to the latest available fw (Ares 2.0 for AF2 and Quantum 10.01 for AX8), then I will suspend the updates for legacy products and focus on the new generation of processors: Axe-FX 3 and FM3 (whenever it becomes available in Europe).

I will still offer support and custom presets for the legacy units, as well as new non U2 packs based on a few gigs I've played in the last couple years with other bands (presets based on Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Muse, Queen, Oasis to name a few). 

Preset packs will be emailed within 24 hours after receiving payment.


In order to protect my work and your purchase, sharing the preset packs is strictly forbidden and illegal.


Disclaimer: all presets were created using specific guitars with specific pickup combinations and specific cables. Using different instruments might yield different results.