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It's been a while since my last activity, but in case you missed the news, I've had a bad flood in my home studio, so I had to temporarily move all my equipment away for about a month.

A couple days ago I finally reassembled my studio and made 2 new U2 tutorials: Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out of based on Elevation Live from Boston and One Tree Hill based on Point Depot '89. Check them out on my YouTube channel!

The preset for Stuck in a Moment will be part of the Elevation Tour Pack, while the One Tree Hill preset can be purchased as single preset or as part of preset sets / custom packs.

Speaking of preset packs, I was working on the U2 360 pack as well as the Famous Rigs pack, which is a deluxe version of the Famous Riffs series, taking the best of those presets and adding more scenes to cover more iconic sounds by those artists. However, while my studio was out of order, Fractal Audio announced the upcoming Cygnus firmware, which apparently has a major impact on most amp models, so I figured I'll just wait for the final release before working on any new pack, as well as updating existing packs.


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