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I'm pleased to announce a massive update for AF3 and FM9: U2UV - Achtung Baby Live at Sphere preset pack is now updated for the latest fw's (25.01 and 7.0), as well as being completely tweaked and reworked based on the official SiriusXM livestream and some IEM recordings that popped up recently!

With these updates I'm introducing a new workflow which took quite a lot of work, but I'm truly satisfied with the result!

In the first place, I bought some UAFX pedals as used by the Edge at the Sphere for A/B comparisons and matching, with satisfying results, mostly thanks to the addition of the new AC30 Brilliant model in our FAS units..

Another key feature is the way most presets are setup no: you have both amp blocks programmed* so that channel A is Vox 1 (or Ruby1 I should say!), channel B is Fender Tweed Deluxe (or Woodrow), channel C is Fender Deluxe Reverb (or Dream65), and channel D is Vox2 (Ruby2). After the amp blocks you have a volume / pan block that you can use to select audio coming only from Amp/Cab 1 (on channel A), Amp/Cab 2 (Channel B), or both (Channel C). I think this process simplifies auditioning different amps / amp combinations to adjust presets for your instruments, and helps keeping the volume consistet when switching from a single amp to dual amp with no need to adjust the scene / row levels. I added this feature to all presets I use live, and I plan on adding it to all preset packs for future updates.

And finally, I added a couple bonus scenes, such as Love Me Tender in One and My Way in Elevation.

Well, that's about it, so check it out if you haven't yet, and if you already bought it, claim your free update as usual!

*Because of this new setup, I still need to figure out how to translate this for the FM3, as it can only handle 1 amp / cab, so I have to do some more A/B tests to find the best balance / compromise between the amps.. it will take a few more days.


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