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In case you missed the news, FAS released a new fw for AF3 and FM9 (FM3 is still on beta), and with some serious updated including the new Cygnus X-3 amp modeling, gapless switching, new amp models including a new AC30 brilliant amp model etc, this update is a real game changer!

As you probably remember, the U2UV pack was released as a sort of "work in progress" preset pack as there were no decent recordings to use as reference (hence the discounted price). Now with the official audio from the broadcast of the final show from the Sphere, as well as a couple iem recordings popped up here and there, and the new AC30 brilliant (which sounds very similar to the model from the UAFX Ruby as used by the Edge at the Sphere), the new update is going to be epic!

I already started working on the final updates for AF3 and FM9, and will release them sometimes around next week, so stay tuned! For FM3, you'll have to wait a little longer until FAS release the official fw update..


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