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E+I 2018 + Updates

The wait is over! I'm pleased to announce that the E+I tour 2018 pack is finally available for Axe Fx2! This is a beta version, as some of my guitars are still away with the band's production so I could not test each preset with its specific guitar (although I've been playing / messing with these presets throughout our summer tour making adjustments, so they should work fine!). For this reason I haven't recorded the sample video clip yet, as I'm waiting to have all my backline back home in 2 weeks to finalize the presets and record the sample clips.

You can wait 2 weeks to check out the clips of final release as it'll be officially released, or you can go ahead and start messing around with the E+I2018 pack right now, and of course get the final release for free as soon as it's out!

If this is the good news, the great news is that I've finally finished updating the ELEVATION and VERTIGO preset packs for FW 10.01! This means that you can claim your free update as usual, by emailing me with your transaction codes.

Finally, AX8 owners, be patient, both ELEVATION, VERTIGO and EI2018 packs will be out in the next 2 weeks!

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