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Chronologically speaking, I had planned to release the 360 Tour pack next. However, this crazy summer is keeping me super busy with my bands and most of my backline has been on the road since May, so I haven't been able to finish up the 360 tour pack, as it still need some work.

I know lots of you had been waiting for this, so I figured I might as well forget about the chronological order and release the next pack on the map, the I+E TOUR PACK!

Technically, this one has been ready since the beginning, as these are the patches that I've been using live for the last 2 years with both Achtung Babies and Poptarts.

In fact, the main difference with previous packs is that in the I+E pack, all scenes are already panned center, and the shimmer is stereo - and I'm sure you'll love that as much as I do!

On a side note, the sample clips that I posted are not up to date. In fact, they're from a while ago, I believe around fw Q5 or so. Since then, all presets have been slightly updated / improved and optimized for the newer fw's (you need Q8.02 to run this pack).

Unfortunately my backline is still travelling up and down around Europe until June 17, so I won't be able to record the "official" sample clips until then. But I had a few people asking for the pack no matter what, so I figured it would have been fair to give you something to listen to at least!

As always, you can find the doc's in the support page, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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