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Some people like to call it "Jam", some like to call it "Challenge".. I just like to think of it as "Community", which is something we really need for our first (and hopefully last) Christmas in the time of Covid19..

Anyways, if you want to be part of it, I made a backing track for John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War Is Over), it's a 2 minute track with the chorus repeating twice. Pick one (they're identical except for the arrangement) to make the tra 1 minute, post it on your social, share it with friends (especially musicians) and let's see how far this goes! 

Tag @edosounds and/or @edofaiellamusic on instagram and facebook, use the hashtag #edosoundsXmas, and have fun!


And to add a little spice on top of that, I will pick my 3 favorite solo's and assign 3 prizes from edosounds*, giving it that little competition flavor! Deadline for competition is December 24, winners will be announced on December 26.


  • First prize: 2 Edosounds preset packs of your choice (€198 value)

  • Second prize: 1 Edosounds preset pack of your choice (€99 value)

  • Third prize: Edosounds Cab Pack (€35 value)








...Here's my take!

*Contest only applies to owners / users of Fractal Audio Systems processors.

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