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I'm pleased to announce that U2 ZOO TV is now available for the latest fw's on all current fas processors, respectively 22.01 for AF3, 5.0 for FM9 and 7.0 for FM3.

As much as I enjoy and find the new DynaCab feature extremely useful and good sounding, I did not use it for this pack as I believe the stock Ir's I used sound more similar to the result I was after. But I'm looking forward to include them in the next preset pack updates!

Speaking of which, with this release I'm experimenting a new workflow, where I basically update the same pack on all processors at once. This gives me a better A/B/C comparison as well as a faster turn around time to complete the updates on a given pack.

So check back in the following weeks as I'll be releasing new updates in chronological order regularly (e.g. Popmart pack will be next in 4-5 days or so)


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