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U2 VERTIGO preset pack is finally out for Axe-FX3 (fw22), FM9 (fw 4.01) and FM3 (fw6.02)!

- AF3 version takes advantage of the new dynacab feature introduced with fw 22 in some presets, which is really cool!

- FM9 version is virtually identical to AF3 version, except for those presets that use dynacab.

- FM3 version is slightly different as it only uses 1 amp block per preset, and there is no reverb at the end of the chain. The reason is that because FM3 only allows you to load 1 reverb block, I only used it for shimmer, otherwise those presets that had reverb on the shimmer path would sound quite radically different from the one using reverb at the end of the chain. You can always experiment and add it on your own!

The sample clip is still the one made with AF2 a while ago, these will obviously sound much better than that (although AF2 still sounds great btw!)! I'll try and record some updated sample clips with current processors (probably FM9) to showcase the improvement of the tone from AF2.

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