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U2 EXTRAS Vol.1 for AF3

U2 Extras Vol.1 for Axe-FX 3 (fw 12.05) is out! I'm making video samples for both Extras Vol.1 and Vol.2 right now, so they should be up on my youtube channel at some point in the weekend. And there are 2 Easter eggs hidden in there, you should find them easily...!

AF2 FW 2.0 update will come shortly after that.

In the meantime, FAS recently released fw 12.05. Apparently the only parameter affected by the new fw is cathode resistance, formerly set to 70%, now defaulting to 46%. If you want to update your AF3 packs, just change cathode resistance to 46% - although to be honest it doesn't really make a night and day difference!

P.S. There is a bug with the expression pedal, it only goes up to 9.92 as opposed to 10. It's ok for wah and shimmer, but for whammy effects the high octave will be slightly flat. folks at FAS are aware of it and hopefully will fix it in the next fw update, in the meantime you can fix it by increasing "scale" to 1.018 in the modifier page.


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