I'm pleased to announce that I've finally reworked the store from the ground up!

You can now browse preset packs / single presets by processor model, and I made a new page for U2 sequences with a 20 second preview for each track.

You can finally take advantage of a classic cart, adding any item to process a single order, and you can use 3 levels of discount if your order reaches the following thresholds:

€200+ - 10% (use code EDOSOUNDS10 at checkout)

€500+ - 15% (use code EDOSOUNDS15 at checkout)

€750+ - 20% (use code EDOSOUNDS20 at checkout)

And to celebrate the launch of the new store, currently all items are 10% off until October 31! Use the code NEWSTORE

On a side note, I would like to apologize for the delay in the release of U2 preset packs for FM3 / AF3 but unfortunately, because of COVID, my AF2 (which I use as reference to program the presets on other processors) has been sitting in my band's storage space since our last gigo on August 23, and I won't be able to take it back until our next gig on October 30. Will try my best to release at least a couple packs - as well as a few preset updates - before the end of the year!

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