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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm happy and proud to share the news that 2 #edosounds U2 presets made it in the official Cygnus Factory Preset Update that just came out for firmware 16.02!

Namely, the presets are "Bad" and "Nameless Streets", and unlike the presets in my existing pack, these 2 presets include scenes based on the studio tone, as well improved scenes based on the live tone!

Visit the fas forum to download the new 16.02 fw and the new factory presets and check them out!

Now that the new 16.02 fw is out, I promise I'll spend the next couple weeks focusing on updating all existing packs as well as working on the unreleased ones!

And in case you missed it, a couple days ago I uploaded a new guitar tutorial for Cedarwood Road based on the I+E Live in Paris DVD. And in the next couple days I'll also upload a tutorial for Breathe based on the BBC gig from the NLOTH promo tour, so stay tuned!

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