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In case you missed the news in the social medias, the Extras Vol.1 pack update for Axe-FX 2 Ares 2.0 is finally out. As usual, to claim your free update, contact me using the contact form or send an email to with the PayPal transaction code.

I have changed some presets based on the improvements I made for the Axe-FX 3 version, so check out the AF3 sample video clip as reference for Scenes, Exp. Pedal etc.

Tomorrow I should release the Extras Vol.2 update for AF2 and during the week I'll try to release everything else.

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And if you missed the previous news, both Extras Vol.1 & 2 are also available for Axe-FX 3, and video samples for both packs are up on my youtube channel. Subscribe to be up to date!


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