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You might have read this on my ig & fb pages, but in case you missed it, here's some useful info about the famous riffs presets:

A customer asked me if I could make a custom preset for Sweet Child O' Mine, and I took advantage of this inquiry to clarify that most presets from the Famous Riffs preset packs, even if named after a single song, can and should actually work quite well for most songs in a given record or by a given artist! In fact I made a quick clip playing sweet child o' mine using the Welcome to the Jungle preset (FM3), and I think it's pretty much dead on, you can see / hear fro yourself!

Except a few specific presets that are actually based on particular sounds (e.g. Money for Nothing), most presets will work for most songs from the record the original song / preset name is from! And in fact, in the next few days, I'll be posting some quick clips to give you an idea of how for example the Even Flow preset can be used for pretty much any song from Ten, or Can't Stop can be used for loads of RHCP songs, and so on!

To make things clearer, I'm going to change the name on a few presets to make them more self explanatory, and easier to associate to the tone they're based on and/or can be used for!

Follow @edosounds on ig to check out the clips in the next few days to get a better idea!


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