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"How do I pair your cab pack IR's with your preset packs?"

This is one of the most common questions I get asked very often, so I'm going to explain it here (and in the support page FAQ's for future reference).

Generally speaking, the ir’s in my cab pack are named after the mic type/placement on Edge’s specific real amp (so for example vox1 ir should pair with vox1 amp sim etc), and they're named after specific pictures from different tours I used as reference to determine mic type and placement.

However, when I make the presets I usually try to get as close as possible to the reference sound with stock ir’s, so when replacing stock ir’s with my ir’s it really comes down to personal preference.

I personally use the vox1_360 ir on most of my vox1 presets, vox2_ie on most of my vox2 presets, and the ie_fender1 on most of my tweed deluxe presets, no matter what pack I’m playing through.

Usually vox1 and fender 2 ir’s are brighter and should pair with the amp models that have darker settings (eg higher cut value and lower treble value), and vox2 /fender1 are the other way around.

Experiment for yourself and see what you like best!


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