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As some of you might already know, the past few months have been quite crazy for me, with the restoration work and the relocation to the new studio, the tv show with my band which kept me more than a month away from home (btw, you can check out the show here), and then Covid followed by a stomach flu, and now all gigs rescheduled from last year plus the new ones from this year still keeping me away from home / studio way more than I'm used to!

Because of this, I have had no time whatsoever to work on new preset packs / updates, I have quite some custom orders on backorder, and I would like to apologize to customers who are waiting for their custom presets / video tutorials / backing tracks. I'll try my best to catch up and fulfill the orders asap whenever I have a couple days off between gigs that I can spend at the studio focusing on edosounds.

As a result, I will not be able to take custom orders until I'm done with the ones that are pending. And as an extra apology, every product on the store will be 20% off until July 20. Use code SUMMER22 at check out.


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