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I have quite some news in store: first of all, the U2 IE15 preset pack is now available for AF3, fw 12.09!

And if you've followed me on ig and fb, you might know that I finally got my hands on the FM3!

I asked via a poll whether I should have started from U2 packs or Famous Riffs, and U2 won by far. However, because of the complexity of U2 presets which need an almost total rework, it will take some time before I'll be able to release a U2 pack for FM3.

The good news is that the Famous Riffs for FM3 are already available! I only had to make some small adjustments here and there, so it was pretty quick!

I'll be finishing updating the IE15 for AF2 and AX8 in the next couple days, then I'll begin working on the 360 pack for AF3 and FM3.

I'm not sure I'll be able to make the usual full length video demo for the IE15 pack as I left some of my guitars in my band's storage space, and because of Covid I have no way to take them home until mid July. In the meantime you can find single sample clips on my IG page that I've been filming / recording in the past 3 weeks, so check them out!

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Thomas Montecalvo
Thomas Montecalvo
Oct 23, 2020


First I would like to say you are an incredible artist. I will get to the point, I love the sound of the your U2 I+E 2015 tour and the JT 17 tutorials, played through the AXE FX II on Youtube. I am thinking on getting either the AXE FX III or the FM3.. I wanted to get your expert opinion on which model I should get to match those awesome tones you produced in those packs. Also, do you plan on making those two packs available for the FM3? I am clearly a novice and at the moment only playing U2 songs. I know you are super busy and I thank you so much for your time Edo!

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