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Edosounds on Facebook

It's been a crazy period lately, been very busy with a few other projects and had to put edosounds to the side for a while.

I'm finally back at work, with a few goals for the next couple months: finishing up the packs for AX8 as well as updating ALL af2 preset packs for the final Ares fw, before moving to the af3.

Speaking of the new Ares fw, this is not confirmed yet, but I find there is a mistake in the AC30TB model which has way more gain than it should. In case you've updated to Ares and your presets sound too dirty / crunchy, lower the master volume trim to 0.5. That will restore the gain back to where it's meant to be in the original packs.

In the meantime, edosounds is now on facebook. From now on, you can just visit the facebook page and use the fb messenger to get in touch quicker. Stop by, like the page and let's get social!

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