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Based on the 2001 Boston DVD and Tone, the ELEVATION PACK is now available here!

For the Elevation Tour, The Edge "stripped things down", going from 6 stage amps to 2 AC30's on stage and 1 off stage in an iso box.

Like for every tour, new effects used in the album are added to the live rig for the new tunes.

For this particular tour, new pedals are Ibanez TS9, Ampeg Scrambler and Sobbat DB1. In the rack, Line6 Pod Pro and Electrix Filter Factory replace the Popmart era Digitech units.

During the Elevation Tour, both stage amps are mic'd with Shure SM56 (essentially a 57 with angled connection), so if you want to experiment with 3rd party IR's, Silver (VOX1) and Blue (VOX2) speakers close mic'd with a 57 should be a good starting point!

The Elevation Pack is made with fw Q7,

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